Il Volo

Concept and art direction: Alexandra Jitariuc
Location: Florence, Italy, June 2019
In one sunny day I found on the terrace of the house I was living a palm branch. I noticed it from the beginning but I ignored it a couple of days. It was dried with golden color but still I felt a sort of spell on me. Until one day I took one self portrait in the mirror and the branch whispered to me: “play with me more”. I discovered that belonged to Irina so I called her and asked her to embark in a journey.
Story by Irina Oborina:
“The story of the palm branch for anyone who sometimes loses faith in himself. I found her on the beach in Sicily. She lay among the garbage and branches, but I immediately fell in love with her. The branch was not perfect, it was broken in some places, twisted. I had no idea how to take it with me, but just in case I took a picture for my mother. And my mother fell in love with her. She asked me to take her back as soon I will arrive home. But she was still invisible to others. When I brought the branch with me to Florence, the photographer (Alexandra Jitariuc) fell in love with her. And then I ventured to take her with me on the plane. And it surprisingly happened. Then we traveled by train, by car and got to my mom. While we were traveling with a branch, many people asked about it, they could not ignore it: men, women and children. Thus, the branch of a palm tree that was no longer needed became subject of admiration, simply because someone believe in her!”