Personal statement

Having an experience of 15 years in portrait and narrative photography, my approach is to offer a space in which people can tell their stories in a transparent way.

A proper word which describes my practice in photography would be transcendence: the capacity to transform a state into another state. I mostly work with women helping them to look at them in a new light, because photography has more than an esthetic value, it is also an instrument to connect with ourselves.

I am inspired by nature and my work investigates the imagination of matter and the relationship between human beings and landscape.

I use photography as a way to connect with myself and with the others. I see in this connection a chance to be make the invisible a bit more visible.

Alexandra Jitariuc is a visual artist and freelancer photographer travelling between Bucharest (Romania) and Florence (Italy). She mainly focus on portraiture and narrative photography, having an artistic approach in her work.

Started photography around 2008. Studied Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Bucharest, followed by a Master degree in the same field in Poland and Romania.  She works as a photographer in theaters, doing also portraits, fine art works, fashion photography (check this section for  CLIENT AREA

Her works were exhibited in solo and group exhibition in Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine. In 2018, she took part for three months (September-November) in an exchange as a photographer assistant in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in Berlin, Germany.

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