Photo shoot. The Room: Inner Nature

How to activate the inner nature into Nature

Allow yourself to receive not only a photo session but an experience which will help you to tap into your power, to feel grounded, balanced, and confident. You can book a photo shoot in Tuscany area and customize it. E-mail me for further details about the price, how and where the photo session will take place.

Alexandra Jitariuc found through photography the invisible bridge between dimensions.
In her eyes, the inner nature of you and the nature that surrounds you, become one.

While opening a safe space in the moment, she is going beyond words and she can lead you with her presence towards the state of accepting your being.
Feeling so alive while playing and exploring together with her your outer and inner nature, she is offering you not only a photo session but an experience that you can consider it to be pure therapy.” Irina Maria Nitu, dancer

About the client:

“DJ, musician and producer, Nejo is a contemporary artist with vintage elegance! “